[linux-audio-announce] Press Release: OPEN SOURCE CREATIVITY IN BRISTOL, UK - 20TH AUGUST

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Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 - 10:42 am


Please post the following release on your site, forward it to
interested parties and mailing lists - particularly in the Bristol
area - or link to http://www.fave.org.uk/


Daniel James
on behalf of FAVE


(27/7/2005, Bristol, England) FAVE is a new event for people who are
interested in free and open source creative software on Linux and
other computer platforms. It's taking place on Saturday August 20th
2005 at the Trinity Community & Arts Centre in Bristol, UK. Everyone
is welcome, even if they have never used this kind of software
before. Doors open at 10am and the event gets underway at 11am. Music
will continue into the evening, and the whole event costs just £5 to
get in.

This is no dry, dull conference! It will be an accessible festival of
fun with performances, presentations and workshops. Topics will
include music production, recording and do-it-yourself film making.
There will be sessions covering community media, streaming content
servers, tangible interfaces, digital TV regulation and Creative
Commons licensing. Networking, internet access and media streaming
will be provided by Bristol Wireless.

Speakers at FAVE 2005 include:

James Wallbank - Art for all at Access Space

Tom Chance - Remix Reading and the Creative Commons

John Ffitch - An introduction to Csound

Michael Sparks (BBC Research & Development) - Streaming with Kamaelia

Richard Bown (Fervent Software) - The Rosegarden sequencer and Studio
To Go!

Chris O'Shea - Sonicforms - a tangible interfaces project

Plugincinema.com - The internet, technology & Open Source film-making

RachelAPP - Recording music with Ardour, Hydrogen and Jamin

Cory Doctorow (Electronic Frontier Foundation) - Europe's coming
Broadcast Flag

Performers using Linux and other free software will include:

Matt Gray

Dave Griffiths (Pattern Cascade)


Martin Howse and Jonathan Kemp (ap)

Jonny Stutters (Jeremah)

Andy Preston (Edge Effect)

For full details of the line-up, see the FAVE website at:



If you would like to take part in this event, the first of its kind in
the UK, please see the website for details of the FAVE mailing list
and IRC channel. This is a community event, and it relies on
volunteers to make it a success.


The Trinity Centre is in the centre of Bristol, not far from the
mainline railway station at Temple Meads or Lawrence Hill station. It
is a large former church near the corner of the A420 Clarence Road
and Trinity Road.


For follow-up information, please contact Daniel James (daniel at
linuxaudio.org) phone: +44 (0)1983 755976 or Tim Hall (tech at
glastonburymusic.org.uk). Press interviews and images for publication
are also available - just ask.


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