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Date: Sunday, July 24, 2005 - 6:03 pm


E-radium is Radium and a special version of E-UAE.
Radium is a midi music editor for the amiga and E-Uae is an amiga

0.61b -> 0.61c:
-Use the X mouse pointer instead of the amiga mouse pointer. Much
more responsive and smoother.
-Added support for the 1280x960 screen mode. (oops)
-Removed one buzy-loop which I had overlooked when merging two sources,
and increased the idle rate to 20. UAE shouldn't use 50% cpu when idle
-Removed use of /dev/rtc. It was not ment to be used.
-Automatically set the window-position at 0,0. No need to see
both the unix window borders and amiga screen borders at once.
Configuring a fullscreen is now a lot less work.
-Lower the use of gfx-mem from 32megs to 16megs to boost the cpu-performance.
(I think)
-Higher the amount of z3 memory from 16megs to 32 megs. 16 megabyte
was far to little as radium often ran out of memory.
-Added "make install"
-Upgraded radium from 0.61b to 0.61c. From Radiums changelog:
-Don't scrollplay when scrolling more than one line up or down.
-Added shortcuts for inserting exactly one line (Left Alt + down)
and deleting exactly one line (Left Alt + up).
-Switched keybindings for continue block (Right Shift + Space) and
continue song (Right Shift + Right Alt + Space).
-Put back the old running-scripts and such that I forgot to include
in the previous release. Shouldn't be that hard to run radium now.
-And other smaller fixes.

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