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Date: Sunday, July 17, 2005 - 9:16 am

Hi everybody!

The NoteEdit team is glad to announce the first major-version since its
new beginning!

Release 2.8.0
New features:
- Updated translations and fixed Makefile to include Slovenian translation.
- RFE #573 - Soprano clef added.
- Score info fields and staff names can now include double quotes ("),
updated export filters.
- RFE #730 - Direct MIDI import - one-click MIDI file import implemented.
- RFE #729 - warning message before TSE3 -> Score added.
- Automatic bar placement disabled if no time signature defined.
- Allow bar placement in empty staffs with no clef/key/time signature.
- Merged staff properties and voice dialog.
- Staff properties can now change all staffs at once, not only the
current one.
- Menu point staff -> voices invokes the staff properties.
- More improvements to the menu: Easier access via keys, some better
menu names
(like Close / Quit, Select Multi Staff).
- Main window title now includes score title and subtitle by default, if
none defined yet, it the current uses file name.
- Many score layout window improvements (bottom-up selection, resized
buttons to fit captions on buttons, added form caption).
- Removed fuzzyness from german translation and updated all po(t) files
(others will have fuzzyness as well until translated).
- Removed a thrilling MusiXTeX warning when exporting and replaced it
with a nice notice dialog.
- New icon.
- Implemented splash screen.
- New playback shortcut. Changed Edit Mode and Insert Rest default
- Save main window position and size (default: available screen geometry).
- Toolbar settings of every toolbar are saved and restored.
- Integrated patch 403 - Better menu structure.
- Removed "Report Bug" menu item from help menu.
- The last selected key or time signature is now remembered and gets
selected automatically when inserting it the second time.
- configure now works on FreeBSD (thanks to Raphael Langerhorst)

Download the 2.8.0 release here:

Future plans: We are splitting up the NoteEdit development into a stable
and unstable tree. The current development focus will be on the stable
tree adding some interesting new features. The unstable tree will get
a stronger focus after the next stable relese. The plans for this tree
will be hopefully unleashed in the near future :-)

As always: If you have any problems or find bugs, please post them in
the Bug tracker. or mail them to the developer mailing list.
Known bugs can be found in the Bug tracker as well.

Best Regards,

Reinhard Katzmann
Software-Engineer, Developer of User Interfaces
Project: Noteedit - a score editor - http://noteedit.berlios.de
GnuPG Public Key available on request

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