[linux-audio-announce] LilyPond version 2.6 available - Music Notation for Everyone.

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Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 - 11:15 am

LilyPond is a free/open source package to create beautiful music
notation. With version 2.6, LilyPond is now truly for everyone.

- For every platform

LilyPond now installs in a snap on Windows, MacOS X, and any version
of Linux/x86. Get up and running in minutes!

- For every language

Pango text formatting lets you print Unicode lyrics in your favorite
script and font.

- For every application

Create SVG files, and edit them in Inkscape.

In addition, version 2.6 adds support for

- staves starting anywhere on the page
- solfa notation
- arrowed lines
- better auto-beaming
- circled text
- string-number notation
- better ledger line formatting
- score separators
- cleaner syntax for text markup
- pagebreaks around titles
- stemlets on beams
- easier titles customization
- direct PostScript or SVG output
- (te)TeX no longer necessary
- revised manual
- website now translated into Dutch and French

Grab it at


A big thank-you goes out to our contributors, translators, website
translators and bug-hunters:


Andreas Scherer, Arno Waschk, Bertalan Fodor, Carl Sorensen, Christian
Hitz, David Jedlinsky, Erlend Aasland, Heikki Junes, John Williams,
Jonatan Liljedahl, Jürgen Reuter, Mats Bengtsson, Matthias Neeracher,
Mathieu Giraud, Nicolas Sceaux, Pal Benko, Sebastiano Vigna, Tatsuya
Ono, Vicente Solsona Della, Werner Lemberg, and Yuval Harel.


Abel Cheung, John Mandereau, Olcay Yıldırım, Roland Stigge and Steven
Michael Murphy


Gauvain Pocentek, Jean-Charles Malahieude, John Mandereau, and Tineke
de Munnik.


Bertalan Fodor, Chris Sawer, Gunther Strube, Hans Forbrich, Jonathan
Walther, Marcus Macauley, and Steve Doonan.


Alexandre Beneteau, Andreas Scherer, Anthony W. Youngman, Antti
Kaihola, Arjan Bos, David Bobroff, Bernard Hurley, Bruce Fairchild,
Bruce McIntyre, Bruce Fairchild, Daniel Johnson, David Rogers, Dylan
Nicholson, Ed Jackson, Erik Ronström, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano,
Gilles Sadowski, Jack O'Quin, Jeff Smith, Johannes Schindelin, John
Mandereau, Jose Miguel Pasini, Josiah Boothby, Jürgen Reuter, Karl
Hammar, Laura Conrad, Olivier Guéry, Paul Scott, Richard Schoeller,
Rob Platt, Roman Stöckl-Schmidt, Russ Jorgensen, Simon Bailey, Stephen
McCarthy, Sven Axelsson, Tapio Tuovila, Tom Cato Amundsen, Will Oram,
and Wolfgang Hoffmann.

Happy music printing,

The LilyPond development team,

Han-Wen Nienhuys & Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Core development

Graham Percival
Documentation Editor

Erik Sandberg

Pedro Kroeger
Build meister

Jan Nieuwenhuizen | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter
http://www.xs4all.nl/~jantien | http://www.lilypond.org

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