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Date: Monday, May 9, 2005 - 9:06 pm


Gungirl Sequencer Version 0.3.0 is ready,
and it comes with an impressive set of new

- Automations, Fade-in, Fade-Out
- Unlimited Undo
- Sample Stretching and Trimming
- Unlimited Number of Tracks
- Zip-Packages of Songs
- Looping

About ggseq:

It's a simple Audio-Sequencer designed for arranging
small Sound-Loops, as available on CD from various
Producers. It's not a general Purpose Sound Editor, it
has no support for large audiofiles. It doesn't do

It's a fun toy, for people new to electronic

It's available from the Gungirl Sequencer Homepage at:


There is a source tarball that requires the following
- wxGTK 2.4.x or later
- libsndfile 1.0.0 or later
- libsamplerate 0.0.15 or later

There is a statically linked binary release that should
run on most recent Version of the GNU/Linux OS,
provided GTK+ is installed.

And there is a win32 Installer.

Have fun

-Richard Spindler

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