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Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 - 11:30 am

[ Apologies for cross-posting. Feel free to forward around ]

The ICMC2005 team (www.icmc05.org) together with the S2S² project
(www.s2s2.org) is proposing another way of actively participate and
interact in the conference apart from the traditional calls (papers,

The basic idea is to have a venue where researchers and composers can
discuss preliminary or visionary ideas. The ideas can be musical,
technical, scientific, theoretical, practical, .... No proven results or
developed systems are required, the only restriction is that the ideas
should be original, inspired and thought provoking.

The proposals will be reviewed by a panel. The authors will have a 5 min
presentation time in a free-spirited discussion forum inside the ICMC05
activities. The accepted proposals will be printed as handouts during
the venue. After the conference, a book will be published containing the
papers and a summary of the discussion. This book will also be available
online through the S2S² website.

We are personally inviting relevant figures in the field to contribute
to this idea, which we think is exciting and promising. There is no
specific format or template for this call, we encourage original and
interesting usage of the one-page format.Please consider submitting a
proposal before the deadline on May 23rd, especially if you are already
considering attending the Barcelona conference.

Read more at http://www.icmc2005.org/index.php?selectedPage=87

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