[linux-audio-announce] fluxus 0.8

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Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2005 - 3:36 pm

Apologies for crossposting...

Fluxus is a scheme scripting environment for audio or osc driven 3D
animation, and is designed to appeal to the livecoder in all of us.


New online docs here:

What's new:

* a particle primitive with modes for fast hardware points or textured
* object picking with (mouse-over) for interactivity
* now uses jack natively (no more portaudio)
* better html docs
* (pdata-add) (pdata-copy) and (pdata-op) for accelerated primitive
operations for flocking, deforming and texture effects
* framedump now outputs jpgs
* (has-collided) for physics driven events
* distance based fogging supported
* a lot more stuff




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