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Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 - 7:32 pm

I'm pleased to announce the release of Rivendell v0.9.61. Rivendell is a
full-featured Radio Automation System that is available under the GNU Public
License. From the NEWS file:

*** snip snip ***
RDLibrary Useability Tweaks. When new carts are created in
RDLibrary, they are now considered to officially exist upon clicking
the 'OK' button in the Add Cart dialog, in contradistinction to the
old policy where they didn't 'stick' until 'OK' was clicked in the
Edit Cart dialog. The old way tended to be confusing for many
opertors, as clicking 'Cancel' in the Edit Cart dialog would result
in any recorded audio being deleted. Also then creating a new
cart, RDLibrary will now create a single empty cut within the cart
by default.

Various Bugfixes. See the ChangeLog for details.

Library Versions:
This version requires that, at a minimum, libradio-0.94.0 and
librhpi-0.94.4 be installed. If installing from RPM, the version of
the currently installed libraries can be determined by doing:

rpm -q libradio
rpm -q librhpi

Database Update:
As always, be sure to run RDAdmin immediately after
upgrading to allow any necessary changes to the database schema to
be applied.
*** snip snip ***

Rivendell v0.9.61 is available for download now at


| Frederick F. Gleason, Jr. | Director of Broadcast Software Development |
| | Salem Radio Labs |
| Commitment, n: |
| Commitment can be illustrated by a breakfast of ham and eggs. |
| The chicken was involved, the pig was committed. |

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