[linux-audio-announce] Glame 2.0.0 released

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From: <laugeo2@...>
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Date: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 - 12:16 pm


Glame 2.0.0 has been released :

- Now use Gtk2 and Gnome 2.
- Improvement in the wavedit interface, with new buttons for multitrack editing.
- New exporting possibilities: OggVorbis and mp3.
- Bugfixes.

GLAME depends on Audiofile, Guile, and the core Gnome and Gtk (at least 2.4)
Optional (but useful) dependencies:
- Glade
- Mad (mp3 import)
- Lame (mp3 export)
- OggVorbis (oggvorbis import and export)

Please report problems via Sourceforge bugtracker or one of the Glame
mailing list .

Thanks for testing,


Glame developpers

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