[linux-audio-announce] LAC 2004 recordings now online

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Date: Friday, October 1, 2004 - 1:04 am

hi everyone!

thanks to the work of stephan römer at zkm, the recordings of the
linux audio conference 2004 are now completely edited and tagged.
they are being uploaded as i type.

you will find them at
http://linuxaudiodev.org/contrib/zkm_meeting_2004/recordings/ ,
the corresponding slides are at
http://linuxaudiodev.org/contrib/zkm_meeting_2004/slides/ .

best regards, and sorry it took so long (my responsibility),


ps: if you have more photos, recordings or other lac memorabilia to
share, throw them my way so that i can upload them.

"90% of all networking problems are routing problems. 9 of the
remaining 10% are routing problems, but in the other direction.
The final 1% might be something else, but check the routing anyway."
- Anthony Stone's networking words of wisdom

Jörn Nettingsmeier
Lortzingstr. 11, 45128 Essen, Germany
http://spunk.dnsalias.org (my server)
http://www.linuxaudiodev.org (Linux Audio Developers)

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