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Date: Friday, September 3, 2004 - 7:24 pm

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the first beta release
(and the first public release, as well) of

Aqualung, a music player for GNU/Linux

Homepage: http://aqualung.sf.net

Aqualung is a new music player for the GNU/Linux operating system.
It plays audio files from your filesystem and has the feature of
inserting _no_gaps_ between adjacent tracks.

Aqualung is released under the GNU General Public License.

Features at a glance

Supported file formats:

* Almost all sample-based, uncompressed formats (eg. WAV, AIFF, AU
etc.), files encoded with FLAC (the Free Lossless Audio Codec), Ogg
Vorbis and MPEG Audio files (including, but not limited to, MP3) are
supported. Naturally, any of these files can be mono or stereo.

Supported output devices:

* OSS and ALSA driver interface, as well as support for connecting to
the JACK Audio Connection Kit.

Key features:

* Continuous, gap-free playback of consecutive tracks! Your ears get
exactly what is in the files -- no silence inserted in between.

* Ability to convert sample rates between the input file and the
output device, in high quality. (Thanks to libsamplerate!)

* LADSPA plugin support -- you can use any suitable LADSPA plugin to
enhance the music you are listening to.

Some other niceties:

* Internally working volume and balance controls (not touching the
soundcard mixer).

* Support for multiple skins; changing them is possible at any time.

* Support for random seeking during playback.

* Track repeat, List repeat and Shuffle mode (besides normal playback)

* All windows are sizable. You can stretch the main window
horizontally for more accurate seeking.

* State persistence via XML config files. Aqualung will come up in the
same state as it was when you closed it, including playback modes,
volume & balance settings, currently processing LADSPA plugins,
window sizes, positions & visibility, and other miscellaneous

In addition to all this, Aqualung comes with a Music Store that is an
XML-based music database, capable of storing various metadata about
music on your computer (including, but not limited to, the names of
artists, and the titles of records and tracks). This is much more
efficient than the all-in-one Winamp/XMMS playlist.

Hope you will like this program. Please report any problems.


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