[linux-audio-announce] Introducing Soundtank 1.0.0 !!

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From: <jrobbins@...>
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Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2004 - 12:35 pm


I have released a first version of my LADSPA host Soundtank which
holds instruments for you to play.

The project website is www.nymu.net/soundtank

In this program, you can use any LADSPA plugin with a pitch control as
a softsynth; multiple instances handle polyphony and MIDI control is
handled through user-customizeable Event Maps. As a perk, I have
included a command to automatically create Event Maps, ensuring you
instant gratification.

Soundtank is a shell for audio work. Instead of a directory heirarchy,
Signal Path objects hold other objects in ordered lists. The order
dictates the audio signal flow. There are alternate versions of the
shell commands you are familiar with, such as: ls, cd, rm, mv. This
should make it easy to learn to use.

This is a native ALSA app, with full duplex support in JACK, and an
ALSA Sequencer MIDI port is created for every active object. All audio
generation/filtering is handled by LADSPA plugins. Furthermore,
objects are saved to human readable, flat-file format XML files.

To see more, go to www.nymu.net/soundtank

thanks and best wishes,


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