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Date: Monday, August 9, 2004 - 2:43 am

The second stable release (0.9.0) of JAMin - the JACK Audio Mastering
interface is now available for download.

JAMin is a GPL-licensed, realtime mastering processor designed to
bring out the detail in recorded music and provide a final layer of
polish. Every effort has been made to ensure a clean, distortion-free
signal path. All processing elements use linear-phase filtering to
eliminate phase distortion.

JAMin runs on Linux using the JACK Audio Connection Kit, a low-latency
audio server. JACK connects multiple applications to a single sound
device, and also share audio among themselves. We rely on other JACK
applications (like ardour, ecasound, or rezound) for playback and



New dependencies (since jamin-0.8.0)

swh-plugins >= 0.4.6
liblo >= 0.5
(optional, for OSC scene change control)

All other dependencies remain unchanged, the README file has a
complete list.

Usage instructions

Changes since jamin-0.8.0

* Limiter improvements:
-- uses new fast lookahead limiter (LADSPA:1913) from the
swh-plugins >= 0.4.6. The old limiter had some undesirable
sonic artifacts.
-- changed order of final gain and limiter stages.

* OSC control for scene changes:
-- accepts "osc.udp://localhost:4444/jamin/scene" messages
-- new `jamin-scene' command sends them
-- new jamin-cont plugin (LADSPA:1912) sends scene change
messages to the JAMin process via OSC.

(This plugin works with ardour, ecamegapedal and
applyplugin, but segfaults in jack-rack when removed.)

* Increase number of scenes from 6 to 20

* GUI improvements
-- extensive context-sensitive help
-- color editor for highlights and text
-- options pulldown menu for spectrum, crossfade, and EQ

* Better bypass control
-- specific bypass controls for EQ and limiter
-- separate Active/Solo/Bypass for each crossover band

* Global state settings saved in XML file.

* Expanded Russian translation

* Many bug fixes.

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