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Date: Sunday, June 6, 2004 - 8:11 pm

Greetings Linux audio users,

This summer is a special one for the annual CCRMA summer workshops,
the workshop series is expanded and is being held in a spectacular new
setting at the Banff Centre for the Arts in the Canadian Rocky

All of the workshops include significant hands-on lab components. The
labs will be done on Planet-CCRMA equipped
linux workstations - a great opportunity to get acquainted with linux
audio tools while learning some useful theory and implementation

New this summer is the Digital Audio Effects workshop taught by
Jonathan Abel and David Berners with special guest Julius Smith. The
course focuses on theory and practice of simulating / implementing a
wide range of classic analog audio effects (including compressors,
reverbs, equalizers ...) in the digital domain. Abel and Berners hail
from Universal Audio and are the driving force behind UA's range of
renowned and widely uses digital audio effect plugins.

Detailed descriptions of the courses and registration information is
available here:

For questions please do not hesitate to contact the faculty of the
courses you're interested in directly, myself, or the banff centre at
arts_info@banffcentre.ca (1.800.565.9989 or 403.762.6180).

Best Regards,

scott wilson


CCRMA@Banff Summer Workshops 2004

The Banff Centre and Stanford University welcome CCRMA (Centre for
Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) to Banff this summer for six
intensive programs where top educators and researchers from the fields
of music, engineering, and computer science will present a detailed
study of specialized subjects in an awe-inspiring setting.

The CCRMA@Banff Programs Include:

- Physical Interaction Design for Music (July 5 - July 16)
Faculty: Scott Wilson, Michael Gurevich
Guest: Bill Verplank

- Haptic Musical Devices (July 19 - 23)
Faculty: Charles Nichols
Guest: Perry Cook

- Digital Signal Processing I: Spectral & Physical Models (July 26-
August 6)
Faculty: Perry Cook, Xavier Serra

- Perceptual Audio Coding (August 9 - 13)
Faculty: Marina Bossi
Guest: Richard Goldberg

- ANET: High Quality Audio over Networks Summit
(Dates to be confirmed)
Faculty: Chris Chafe, Theresa Leonard

- Digital Signal Processing II: Digital Audio Effects (August 16 - 27)
Faculty: Jonathan Abel, Dave Berners
Guest: Julius O. Smith

About Music & Sound Programs at The Banff Centre:
Music & Sound programs are dedicated to supporting emerging and
mid-career artists and to providing personalized
artistic direction suited to each participant. The goal is to nurture
the creativity of musicians and audio engineers in a setting that
allows for maximum personal artistic development and interaction with
other musicians and artists in The Banff Centre community. Music &
Sound alumni are found on concert stages and in professional positions
nationally and internationally.

Register now to ensure space, as availability is limited.

For more information and to register, visit:

e-mail: arts_info@banffcentre.ca
call: 1.800.565.9989 or 403.762.6180

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