[linux-audio-announce] minor updates to Linux soundapps site

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Date: Friday, June 4, 2004 - 3:03 pm


I've made some minor updates and URL corrections for the Linux
soundapps site, but I've also discovered a problem with the European
mirror. The site at www.linuxsound.at now presents an advertisement for
ATNET, and the advert includes a link to http://linuxsound.atnet.at.
Alas, that link doesn't work correctly either. I've written to ATNET
twice already and have heard nothing from them. If the problem persists
for another week I'll remove that link. The Japanese mirror is also
experiencing a problem: apparently it isn't updating the top and TOC
pages, which is uncool because I've added material to both those parts.
Hopefully the Japanese mirror will update completely by this weekend.

For the time, the only completely current site for the Linux soundapps
pages is now:


And you all know the rest...

Best regards,


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