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To: ALSA Announce <alsa-announce@...>
Cc: ALSA development <alsa-devel@...>
Date: Saturday, May 29, 2004 - 8:30 am

Hello all,

ALSA 1.0.5 release is available for download.



* alsa-driver
- use the new module_param*() functions
- clean up of power-management codes
- removed superfluous warning messages after pci_module_init()
- fixed the allocation of coherent DMA pages under 32bit mask
- added early event flag and code to the timer interface
- added experimental emu10k1x driver
- added snd-atiixp-modem driver for ATI IXP modem (experimental)
- sequencer
- export snd_seq_set_queue_tempo() for OSS to prevent calling
snd_seq_kernel_client_ctl() (using copy_from_user()) in interrupt
- PCM midlevel
- fixed the deadlock of power_lock in suspend
- fixed the bit width of IEC958_SUBFRAME_* formats from 24 to 32
- added SYNC_PTR ioctl (for problematic cache coherency archs)
- don't return negative byte count from GET[IO]PTR ioctl
- intel8x0
- 20-bit sample support
- fixed MX440 workaround in suspend/resume
- interrupt handling fixes
- via82xx
- added dxs_support and ac97_quirk entries for Amira notebook
- added DXS whitelist for (eMachines) m680x
- added the DXS entry for ECS K7VTA3 v8.0
- fixed the DXS entry for ASUS A7V8X to NO_VRA
- added the DXS entry for Mitac/Vobis/Yakumo laptop
- atiixp
- fixed S/PDIF support
- fixed the codec probing without the proper interrupts
- added the experimental PM support
- usx2y
- US224 support
- au88x0
- bugfixes and VIA/AMD chipset automatic workaround
- ICE1712
- added Event Electronics EZ8 support
- added a control for default rate in the ice1712 driver
- fix Hoontech DSP* box configuration
- added model module option to specify board model
- ICE1724
- added model module option to specify board model
- added the support of Aureon 7.1-Universe
- improved the description of ice1724 driver on Kconfig.
- better support of VT1720 with snd-ice1724 driver.
- check PCI subsystem IDs when no EEPROM is available (ice1724 only)
- change the driver name string if given in the board list.
- merged prodigy 7.1 support into aureon.c. they are almost identical.
- allow to use PDMA4 and RMDA1 for non-SPDIF purpose if specified (ice1724 only).
- avoid to change the AC97 rate registers
- USB audio
- Edirol UA-700 advanced modes support
- Roland UA-1000 support
- Opti9xx
- fixed irq&dma initialization for <93x chips
- opl3sa2
- added YMH0801 ISA PnP ID - OPL3-SA2
- emu10k1
- added support for SB Live 5.1 (c) 2003
- HDSP9632 has also firmware version 0x97
- nm256
- added a blacklist to avoid the possible hang-up at module loading
- cmipci
- dropped the software encoding of AC3 stream in the driver (moved to alsa-lib)
- AC97 codec
- detection for S/PDIF rates
- fix access to wrong register when clearing powerdown bits
- show AC'97 2.3 information in proc file
- fix AC'97 revision bits on AD1985
- added the write support to ac97#x-x+regs proc file (DEBUG)
- fixed AD18xx PCM bit handling
- stac9758 initialization fixes
- STAC9758: stereo mutes, jack configuration
- added the global mutex for ac97_t (ad18xx mutex is removed).
used to protect paging and AD18xx multi-codecs.
- set PAGE_INT register explicitly before accessing (for STAC9758).
- moved ALC650 revision check to patch_alc650().
- support stereo Mic playback.
- moved STAC9708 quirk to patch_stac9708().
- don't clear PC_BEEP high bits (ac97 2.3 sets frequency there).
- avoid the unnecessary RESET-waiting for audio/modem codec.
- fixed the evaluation of modem codec to call mpatch callback properly.
- determine the SPDIF rate in the build path.
- added suffix argument to snd_ac97_rename|remove|swap_ctl().
- added snd_ac97_rename_vol_ctl().
- Added the single mixer control with AC97 2.3 paging.
- Handle the paging for some ALC655/658 registers.
- Added the experimental support for ALC850.
- VX core
- added 'Clock Mode' control to choose the clock source
* alsa-lib
- added snd_asoundlib_version()
- added a new plugin "iec958" to convert IEC958 subframes
- added SYNC_PTR ioctl support for pcm_hw plugin
- dmix plugin - fixed wrong jump for 32-bit mixing
* alsa-utils
- arecordmidi enhancements by Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
- arecord fix (timelimit)
- added speaker-test utility
* alsa-tools
- added profile management to envy24control

Jaroslav Kysela
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SuSE Labs

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