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Date: Thursday, February 19, 2004 - 8:37 am


Gungirl Sequencer is an easy to use Audiosequencer.
It includes a simple Filemanager and uses Drag & Drop to
arrange Audiosamples.

This is the new Release 0.2.0 of Gungirl Sequencer, it comes with a
bunch of new Features, and for your convinience is provided in the
preferred standard Distribution Formats for both Linux and MS Windows:

- Statically Linked (all dependencies included) RPM-Package

- Autoconfified (./configure, make and make install) Source Package

- Executable ( .exe) Installer for MS Windows

The new features in this Release are:

* A simple Ruler
* Select Samples with rubber-frame
* MiniPlayer for Pre-Listening
* Customizable Snap-Value
* Track Mute and Volume
* Master Volume
* Snapless Sample-Positing
* Info-Box for Sample-Files
* Progress-Bars for File loading
* uncountable Bug-Fixes

Check it out at:


-Richard Spindler

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