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To: ALSA Announce <alsa-announce@...>
Cc: ALSA development <alsa-devel@...>
Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 12:48 pm


I am proud to announce new ALSA version 1.0.7. Bellow is list of
changes between 1.0.6 and 1.0.7.


* alsa-driver
- core
- fix compilation with gcc 2.95.x and 2.2.x kernels
- enhance Kconfig help texts
- Fix iomem variable type
- 2.6 kernel code sync - module_param_array() should take a pointer
- mmap callback is added to PCM ops
- OSS emulation - fix for O_NONBLOCK write
- Fixes for PCM/control 32bit emulation
- Fix drain/drop of linked PCM streams
- PCM boundary fix in 32bit compat layer
- Fix non-blocking write in ALSA OSS emulation
- nonblock_open=1 by default for OSS PCM API emulation
- sequencer
- OSS emulation fixes
- suppress auto-loading of modules in module_init()
- copy_to_user() return value checking in snd_seq_read()
- Fix auto-loading of sequencer modules
- fix sequencer sleeping in interrupt context
- rawmidi
- fix handling of EFAULT errors in snd_rawmidi_read/write
- fix hang when writing to /dev/midi* with O_SYNC
- new drivers
- via82xx-modem driver
- AudioScience asihpi driver
- Portman2x4 driver
- Fixed issues with Abit AV8
- PPC Tumbler driver
- suspend & mixer fixes
- ES1938
- added PM support
- emu10k1
- fixed AC97 master volume for Audigy
- Audigy DSP support
- Support for capture of 16,32,64 channels on emu10k1 device 2
- Fix AC3 playback on SB Live
- fixed emu10k1_fx8010_code_t structure to be less than 8192 bytes
- add interval timer support
- intel8x0
- quirks for Dell Precision 450, HP xw4200 and xw8200
- intel8x0: Fixed a long mdelay()
- fixed resume when interrupts are shared with another devices
- AC97 96 kHz sample rate support
- add AC97 quirk for Fujitsu-Siemens E4010
- remove gameport/MIDI support
- Added Compaq Evo W4000 quirk
- Improved clock measurement
- Fix SPDIF rate setting for old ICHs
- Fix SPDIF support on ICH4/5/6
- via82xx
- added the DXS entry for Uniwill/Targa Visionary XP-210
- Disable legacy FM and SB to prevent lock-ups
- ac97 quirk entry for Soltek SL-75DRV5
- Fix DXS entry for GA-7VAX
- Added dxs quirk for QDI Kudoz 7X/600-6AL
- rme32
- rme32 segfault fix
- fixing a two-rme32-in-one-machine bug
- hdsp
- Fix for 64bit architectures
- Fix the variable types in struct
- Fix HDSP meter ioctl
- RME9632 precise_ptr fix
- ICE1712
- Added support of Mediastation
- Clean up ice1712 chip struct
- Add routing/volume of ADAT I/O on EWS88D
- ICE1724
- Added support for AudioTrak Prodigy 192 cards
- fixes a bug that SPDIF-in mode can't be reset once after it's set
- Allow the private EEPROM image for evaluation boards
- aureon
- fixed the master volume control
- Fixed center/LFE volume controls
- Provide individual driver names for Aureon and Prodigy boards
- Aureon S/PDIF input fixes
- Adds AC'97 support to Aureon cards
- Fix Aureon CCS init sequence
- pontis
- buggy SPI communcation is fixed
- fixed the return value of put callbacks of GPIO controls
- corrected the initial register value of CS8416
- maestro3
- call pci_set_master() in resume (to be sure)
- AC97
- added jack sense switches for AD1885
- AC97 96 kHz sample rate support
- Added VIA shared type
- Check ac97 codec id in quirk table
- inverted EAPD support
- added AC97_SCAP_DETECT_BY_VENDOR flag (for xbox)
- Add (experimental) CM9761 support
- fix DAC slot assignment
- Fix AC97_EXTENDED_STATUS initialial value
- Fixed SPDIF on CS4298
- add IXP400 support
- Added workaround for buggy BIOS
- ens1371
- Fixed AC3-passthru on ens1371/1373 boards
- Fix latency in ens1371 driver
- ES18xx
- Fixed a bug in setting the filter register
- AZX (Intel HD Audio)
- code update and clean-up
- use ALSA proc info API and clean-up
- Korg1212
- Korg1212 misc fixes
- USB Audio
- add mixer quirk for LineX FM Transmitter
- add UA-1000 sample rate detection
- add Edirol UA-25 support
- mixer - handle missing control bitmap when parsing MUDs
- mixer - read bmControls array in correct order
- mixer - fix parsing of mixer unit descriptors
- OPL3
- Fix / clean up OPL3 for CS4281
- bt87x
- detect errors reported by the hardware
- don't stop capture on errors
- add overclocking option for the analog input
- use blacklist/whitelist for (non-)audio Bt878 cards
- Limit parity error messages
- ES1968
- Remove delay() to improve latency
- removes unneeded spin_lock_irqsave()s from snd-es1968
- usX2Y
- usx2y cleanups and fixes
- snd-usb-usx2y 0.7.3
- snd-usb-usx2y - crash fix for OHCI USB-HCDs
- au88x0
- more au88x0 eq cleanups
- au88x0: set-levels cleanup
- au88x0: sign_invert cleanup
- au88x0: name typo
- au88x0: comment and whitespace cleanup
- au88x0: fix is-quad oops
- au88x0: add resetup dma
- fix data type mismatch in sign_invert
- nm256
- Add reset_workaround module option
- cs46xx
- Fix ac97 codec reset and clean up
- CS4231
- replace schedule_timeout() with msleep()
* alsa-lib
- fixed endless loop when parsing backslash inside bad configuration file
- suppress PAUSE and RESUME for direct plugins
- dmix plugin - dont forget to return -EINVAL on errors
- rate plugin - Fix the downsampling noise problem
- Avoid zero division (sw_params)
* alsa-utils
- Fix hyphens in man pages
- aplay
- don't parse -X option because such an option doesn't exist
- allow argument for --sleep-min option
- fix handling of .voc magic string
- fix handling of .voc files on big-endian machines
- remove superfluous "size" parameter from check_wavefile_space macro
- reallocate buffer only if needed in check_wavefile_space
- fix playback of >2GB .wav files
- skip over padding bytes in .wav files
- fix memory leak when playing .voc silence blocks
- fix file length when recording >2GB .wav files
- fix recording of >4GB files
- alsamixer
- display 2 different views of the mixer controls (Playback, Capture)
- alsaconf
- some fixes
- fixed long options
- Now -L option requires the logfile argument
- corrected man page
* alsa-tools
- envy24control
- Fixed segfault when envy24control --help is called
* alsa-oss
- Always initialize pointers before use
* alsa-firmware
- license issues

Jaroslav Kysela
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SUSE Labs

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