[linux-audio-announce] Tkeca 3.0.0 Released!

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Date: Monday, September 29, 2003 - 12:04 am

I strongly advice to upgrade to this version!

I think that Tkeca is becoming in a serious recording tool.


- Tkeca don't use ewf files anymore, now each track has only one
associated wave file. This is because sometimes ewf files generates sync
- Allows to start recording in the middle of a wave file
- Punch-in and punch-out positions in the locate window (Thanks to Rocco
for suggest this feature and helping me to test it)
- Automatic "Go to 00:00" after punching and after play/record for a
time longer than the longest wave file
- Effect menu was improved, now you can see the name of the attached
effect and it status.
- Added "Wave File Delete" command to Tools button
- Automatic filename extension when exporting to .ecs
- "Exported to..." message after exporting to ecs
- Enlarged pan and volume faders
- Enlarged "Options" window
- The way Tkeca generates the chainsetup was improved
- "Time Format" button was added. It allows to switch between MM:SS and
SSSS. Useful for old Ecasound users who use to work with seconds
- "Wave Files" window no longer in this version
- The main window was simplified
- The general "Recording" checkbox was eliminated


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