[linux-audio-announce] OpenJay.org and Jay'O'Rama 0.5.0

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Date: Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 1:50 pm

Hi to all;

it's time to do some presentations, so I begin... ( please, sorry for my
"sometimes" bad english language... )

1)- OpenJay.org

Some months ago I was thinking about the reasons that make the software DJ
oriented lacking under Linux environment. One reason could be an incomplete
audio API, but now with ALSA there is no problem at my advice. Another
reason could be that Linux is less wide-spread, but this point too is
falling with time. So why?
I came to the conclusion that people don't know so much what we can do with
a stable and powerful audio Linux workstation. Linux audio sites are used to
show so much programs but little reviews, little demos... In my experience I
visited thousand of software pages showing tons of changelogs without saying
what the program is made for! So if people don't know what Linux could do,
developers aren't desirous to develop new improved applications cause the
market request is lacking... This could be a reason, but it is not all the
problem. One another issue could be the high level know-how required to make
work a Linux audio workstation. The common problem is that Linux
applications are usually developed by programmers thinking to other
programmers and not to common users.

Ok...from all this stuff came my idea to build OpenJay.org, a site dedicated
to OpenSource DJs. I thinked OpenJay expressly to show the Linux audio
power, giving evidence to the audio applications with reviews, tips, tricks
and making easier the life of the OpenSource audio maniac ( as I am ). In
the last 3/4 months I worked in this direction. You can see some result at
http://www.openjay.org thinking however that actually all is done from me (
only me ). I hope in the future in the community help with lot of
contributions ;-), cause my sapre time is limited and there is lot of

2)- Jay'O'Rama 0.5.0 ( http://www.openjay.org/jayorama/ )

With the same spirit I shown over, I began to build my personal DJ oriented
application: Jay'O'Rama ( J'O'R ).

This application actually is a pcm player ( using Alsaplayer ), capable of 4
player sessions over the same audio manager ( using Jack ). The binary is
not completely stable and there are a lot of strange behaviours to be
corrected, however it is in someway functional.


0)- QT interface

0)- Mp3, Ogg and Wav formats supported

0)- M3u playlist support

0)- Mju new playlist format created: allows to collect more data

0)- Gjay data syncronization: you can grab some useful information, as bpm

0)- Audio item sorting

0)- Fine pitch, bpm, pan, volume shift. All customizable

0)- Cue and loop sets. Possibility to store them

0)- New configuration system allowing customizable shortcuts and other stuff

0)- New looping console

0)- bpm fine showing, using Gjay data

0)- Autoplay possibility

0)- Multiplayer feature: max 4 players on the same manager over a Jack
server session

Finally you could find the CVS tree at the sourceforge page:

Cheers to all,


Romanin Gianluca

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