[linux-audio-announce] ecamegapedal 0.4.3 released

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Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 - 9:00 pm

1. A short summary of changes

Bugs in build process were fixed. Support for transport
functionality in JACK 0.77.0 and newer has been added.
Transport functions are enabeld only if Ecamegapedal is
compiled against Ecasound newer than 2.2.3. Ecamegapedal
was verified to work if compiled against Qt-3.2.

2. What is Ecamegapedal?

Ecamegapedal is a real-time effect processor software with
a graphical user interface for controlling the effect
parameters. It is meant to be used as a virtual guitar-fx
or studio effect box. In addition to real-time operation,
ecamegapedal also supports reading from and writing to audio
files. All audio object and effect plugin types provided by the
ecasound libraries are supported. This includes ALSA, JACK,
OSS, aRts, over 20 file formats, over 30 effect types, LADSPA
plugins and multi-operator effect presets. Ecamegapedal's
implementation is based on ecasound and Qt libraries.

Ecamegapedal is licensed under the GPL.

3. Contributors


Junichi Uekawa (1) -- Qt -rpath build optimization
Kai Vehmanen (1) -- JACK transport support

4. Links and files


Audio software for Linux!

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