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Date: Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 1:01 am


News gmorgan-0.02

- Drum "Velocity" Mixer

Is a mixer for correct in a easy way the differences of volumes for each drum
note in differents soundfonts.

- Batch Song Player-Editor

Small attempt to do something like Band in a Box.

Still developing that part... maybe can be usefull and maybe someone can send
me patterns to add. :-)

gmorgan is a .. Rhythm Station, an organ with auto-accompaniment. Uses MIDI
and the ALSA sequencer for play the rhythm patterns. Styles, patterns ,
sounds, and the mixer settings, can be edited and saved.

Program released GNU/GPL version 2.

Tested on Gentoo, debian PIII 933 and PII 300



Take a look at http://personal.telefonica.terra.es/web/soudfontcombi/

And please ... if you enjoy this prog and wants to share patterns, send me,
and i will include in future versions, i have a large TODO, and i need some


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