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From: nick <nixx@...>
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Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 - 9:10 pm

amSynth - Analogue Modelling SYNTHesizer

amSynth 1.0-rc3 is now available!!

Get the source code at

Changes in this release include:

* somewhat revised GUI
* on-the-fly midi channel selection
* on-the-fly polyphony control
* better stability on startup & shutdown.. "-d" parameter to debug
startup problems
* load and save banks from the menu
* launch utility apps from menu
* support for all 128 standard MIDI controllers

(and any problems with it please get in touch so I can fix them, details
on website)

-Nick d-.-b

nixx@nixx.org.uk | amSynth lead developer
JabberID: nixx@jabber.org | http://amsynthe.sf.net

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