[linux-audio-announce] Q-Audio 1.0, Q-Midi 1.10 released

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Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - 8:47 pm

Q-Audio is a digital audio library for the Q programming language, which
interfaces to Phil Burk's PortAudio and Erik de Castro Lopo's libsndfile

Q-Midi is a MIDI interface for Q, built on top of Grame's MidiShare.

Q is an interpreted functional programming language based on symbolic
expression rewriting, providing a high-level interactive programming
environment for scientific, computer music and other advanced
applications. All software is distributed under the GPL. Sources,
binaries and further information can be found on the Q homepage:


Albert Graef

Dr. Albert Gr"af
Email: Dr.Graef@t-online.de, ag@muwiinfa.geschichte.uni-mainz.de
WWW: http://www.musikwissenschaft.uni-mainz.de/~ag

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