[linux-audio-announce] Alternative Csound Reference Manual 4.23-1 Released.

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Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 - 12:43 am

Mon May 12 2003 -- Alternative Csound Reference Manual, Version 4.23-1

1. What is the Alternative Csound Reference Manual?

The Alternative Csound Reference Manual is a reference manual for
the Csound program. It has been updated for the latest canonical
version of Csound, 4.23, and includes many working examples.

The Csound program is a digital audio synthesis program
distributed by John ffitch at the University of Bath:

For more information about Csound, visit http://www.csounds.com/.

2. What are the changes made since the last release?

* Changed the license to the GNU Free Documentation License.

* Added documentation for the following opcodes: bqrez, fprintks,
fprints, nstrnum, prints, schedkwhennamed, and subinstrinit.

* Updated documentation for the following opcodes: event, massign,
mute, pgmassign, prealloc, printks, schedule, schedwhen, sfinstr,
sfinstr3, sfinstr3m, sfinstrm, sfplay, sfplay3, sfplaym, and

* Added examples for the following opcodes: soundin, sndwarp,
subinstr, and wguide1.

For a complete list of updates, visit the news page:

3. Who were the contributors?

The Alternative Csound Reference Manual is maintained by
Kevin Conder with help from the Csound community. Contributors
for this edition include: Anders Andersson, David Gladstein,
Gabriel Maldonado, Istvan Varga, Jason Thomas, John ffitch,
Matt J. Ingalls, Oeyvind Brandtsegg, and Steven Yi.

4. Where can I view the Alternative Csound Reference Manual?

The Alternative Csound Reference Manual is viewable on-line here:

5. Where can I download the Alternative Csound Reference Manual?

You can download a copy of the Alternative Csound Reference Manual
in the following formats: ASCII text, DocBook/SGML, HTML, and PDF.

You can download these files via HTTP from here:

* http://kevindumpscore.com/download.html#csound-manual

You can also download these files via FTP from the following sites:

* ftp://ftp.cs.bath.ac.uk/pub/dream/documentation/manuals/

* ftp://ftp.csounds.com/manual/current/

Thanks go to John ffitch and Richard Boulanger for use of their
FTP servers.

kwconder at yahoo dot com

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