[linux-audio-announce] Demolition pre-release (LADSPA testing)

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Date: Saturday, April 5, 2003 - 3:42 pm

Demolition, my destruction testing tool for LADSPA plugins is now available
as a pre-release version. This is fully functional, but I want to get
some feedback from "users" (ie other LADSPA developers) before I call it
version 1.0


(Don't be distracted by all the XMMS LADSPA stuff on the same page)

If you write LADSPA plugins, or if you maintain a LADSPA host and don't
think much of the quality of some plugins, this tool is for you. Please
run out and grab it. There is documentation linked from the same place
as the source code.

Now, at this point I could list a dozen or so bugs in famous LADSPA
plugin libraries, but I won't. If this tool works you should be able to
find them yourselves (all bugs are shallow...). I know Steve Harris
is already beavering away fixing the ones he's found in the swh-plugins.


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