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Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 - 9:59 pm

Are you fed up with having a computer only just fast enough to sequence a
couple of audio tracks at a time, and no where near fast enough for software
modular synthesis?

Wav Composer Not Toilet is another modular synthesis program, but unlike
many others does not work in real time at all. wcnt gives you sequencing,
sampling, and synthesis without the need for fast hardware, although a
little patience is required!


* lots of simple modules as well as the more complex.
* ghosting of riffs into mono-phonic sequencer.
* multiple sequencers, output wav files, mixers.
* ADSR's and user defined waveforms with unlimited sub sections and shape
* sampler has modulatable start position, playback can be triggered from
* sampler has 'anti-clipping' ramp.
* unlimited mixer channels
* no GUI, but, a near english synth definition language
* command line help



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