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Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 - 10:12 pm

Hi all,

I have just released the first 0.9 "final" packages. The release
is 0.9.1 to make clear that it is successor of all 0.9.0pre,beta,rc
packages. Hopefully, thanks to all your reports, packages can be compiled
on many linux machines without major problems.
Our goal for further releases (including development ones) is to
reduce the development cycles (seems that having difference between stable
and development for more than two years is not very good for the
maintaince purposes).
What's left for 1.0: The sequencer instrument layer will be moved
completely to the user space. Our goal is also the implementation of the
wavetable MIDI drivers. I am sure that I forgot to something else, but we
will try to do our best.

Have fun and stay tuned,

Jaroslav Kysela
Linux Kernel Sound Maintainer
ALSA Project, SuSE Labs

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