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Date: Thursday, November 6, 2003 - 10:55 pm


This announcement is to inform you that a new version of MusE (0.6.2) has just
been released.

MusE is a multitrack virtual studio for Linux based on audio and midi

Brief list of features:
- MIDI sequencer with:
- pianoroll
- drum editor
- score editor
- Integrated softsynths
- Support for external MIDI equipment
- Audio sequencing with:
- LADSPA plugins
- Alsa output/input
- Jack output/input
- LADCCA support
- MusE is translated to Russian, Spanish, French and Swedish.

* For screenshots and more information, check the homepage.

Release 0.6.2 has a large number of improvements and bugfixes, current users
are encouraged to upgrade.
Changes since 0.6.1 include:
- Many many usability improvements in Arranger, Drum editor and Piano roll,
including lots of new shortcuts.
- Vastly improved FluidSynth integration.
- Some new documentation (still way too little though).
- Lots of bugfixes, including velocity event handling, saveAs, LADSPA path,
project path.
- Improved RT performance.
- 64bit arch fixes.
- and lots more, check the ChangeLog.

For some demo tracks that are made with MusE check here:
(with many thanks to the author and MusE hacker, Mathias Lundgren)

Last but not least, MusE recently moved!
MusE is now available at http://lmuse.sourceforge.net.

Have fun!
/The MusE development team

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