[linux-audio-announce] [ANN] LADCCA 0.4.0, ALSA Patch Bay 1.0.0, JACK Rack 1.4.3

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Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 - 1:40 am

Hi all,

LADCCA's now reached a state where I reckon it's worth releasing again.=20
It's pretty stable for me, and it now seems to do what it should without
any hiccups. I'm releasing alsa patch bay and jack rack along with it
as the only changes are support for the new ladcca version. ALSA Patch
Bay has had 1.0-ness for a while now so I'm taking the opportunity to
bump the version. There's only two other supported apps at the moment,
muse, which already has 0.4.0 support in cvs and fluidsynth, a patch for
which is included in the tarball.

=46rom the ladcca NEWS file:

* low level tcp protocol has changed along with a lot of structure clean
ups on the client- and server-side.
* added low level protocol versioning
* well defined server interface protocol (that works! :) this has been
the bulk of the work that's added two more properties to cca_event_t,
client_id and project, bumped the major version of the high level
protocol and caused more changes to the low level protocol
* new high level normal client event, CCA_Server_Lost
* removed CCA_Use_Jack and CCA_Use_Alsa client flags; sending the server
the jack client name or alsa client id now suffices
* major amounts of cleanups and fixes
* server now saves project info in XML which means a new dependency on
* socket stuff now uses protocol-agnostic system calls and the server
defaults to IPv6. an entry in /etc/services is required to support
this. make install will install an entry if there isn't one present.
this can be disabled with a configure option, --disable-serv-inst.
there's also a new option for ladccad, --no-ipv6 which, suprisingly,
stops the server using ipv6.
* the --with-default-dir configure option and -d ladccad option now set
the directory relative to $HOME, rather than being a system-wide
* project directories now get cleaned up if they haven't been saved
* updated the manual


* fluidsynth cvs



Bob Ham

"At some point, keystroke recorders got installed on several machines at
Valve. Our speculation is that these were done via a buffer overflow in
Outlook's preview pane." -- Gabe Newell on the Half-Life 2 source leak

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