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From: nick <nixx@...>
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Date: Sunday, January 26, 2003 - 12:15 pm

amSynth - Analogue Modelling SYNTHesizer

amSynth 1.0-rc2, code-named "jack", is now available!!
Get the source code at http://amsynthe.sourceforge.net/amSynth

Changes in this release:

* you've been waiting for it -- JACK audio output support!!
* completely revised ./configure & build system - will adapt features to
libraries installed, proper 'make install' target...
* launch a virtual keyboard from the amSynth menu!
* transparent per-user installation for first time users
* build fixes galore, now compiles fine on latest GCC versions

(and any problems with it please get in touch, details on website)

-Nick d-.-b

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