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Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2003 - 2:02 am

1. A short summary of changes

Sliders for parameter control and text inputs for
lower and upper bounds have been added as well as
support for LADSPA-1.1 and ecasound effect parameter
hints. There has been some user interface improvements
and a native JACK support has been added. Updated to
use the new ecasound-2.2 libraries.

2. What is ecamegapedal?

Ecamegapedal is a real-time effect processor software with
a graphical user interface for controlling the effect
parameters. It is meant to be used as a virtual guitar-fx
or studio effect box. In addition to real-time operation,
ecamegapedal also supports reading from and writing to audio
files. All audio object and effect plugin types provided by the
ecasound libraries are supported. This includes ALSA, JACK,
OSS, aRts, over 20 file formats, over 30 effect types, LADSPA
plugins and multi-operator effect presets. Ecamegapedal's
implementation is based on ecasound and Qt libraries.

Ecamegapedal is licensed under the GPL.

3. Changes since the last stable release

* Added native JACK support. If compiled with JACK support
enabled, ecamegapedal will upon startup fetch the
current engine parameters from the JACK server, and
initialize the ecamegapedal configuration to work
with JACK. In practice this means that you don't
have to manually set the buffersize and sample rate
parameters to use ecamegapedal with JACK.

* Support for LADSPA-1.1 and ecasound effect parameter

* Text inputs for overriding default upper and lower
bounds for parameter values.

* Sliders for controlling parameter values.

* Pixmaps for transport control buttons.

* Takes advantage of the newly released ecasound 2.2.0
libraries (does not work with older ecasound releases).

* Should work with all released Qt2 and Qt3 versions.
Tested with qt-2.3.2, qt-3.0.5 and qt-3.1.1.

4. Contributors

Kai Vehmanen
Arto Hamara

Bug Hunting
Jaakko Prattala
Justin Rosander
Junichi Uekawa

Feature proposals
Dan Lyons

5. Links and files

Web sites:

Source and binary packages:

Audio software for Linux!

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