[linux-audio-announce] ANN: k_jack v0.0.0.5 and Mammut v0.15

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Date: Monday, January 20, 2003 - 11:10 am

k_jack is a jack reimplementation, and mammut is a very special sound
transformating sound editor.

Download from http://www.notam02.no/arkiv/src/

New in mammut v0.14->v0.15:
-Removed the synth transform. It was not supposed to be there and had no
-Fixed the wobble transform. Segfaulted with mono-files. (Bug found
by Dave Phillips)

k_jack V0.0.0.5 ALPHA - EXPERIMENTAL


k_jack currently consists of k_jackd~, libk_jack and libaipc.

k_jackd~ is a jack server external for pure-data.

libk_jack is (supposed to be) a (somewhat) libjack compatible

Jack applications that want to contact k_jackd~ instead
of jackd must (somehow) be linked with libk_jack and
libaipc instead of libjack.

k_jackd~ does not speak with libjack, and jackd does not
speak with libk_jack.

libaipc is a library for audio interprocess communication,
based on code from the vstserver. A preview version is
included with this version of k_jack. (API is not settled.)

By using libaipc for interprocess communication, and letting
PD take care of various low/mid/high-level audio-stuff,
only a few hundred lines of code is currently used for this
implementation of a simple jack system.

k_jackd~ and libk_jack are not based on the jack sourcecode
found at jackit.sf.net, except for protos in the header files.

1. Go into the aipc/src folder and write make to compile up
2. Go into the library folder and write make to compile up
3. Write make to compile up k_jack~.pd_linux.
4. Relink you jack application(s) somehow.

1. Start pd with the "-lib k_jackd~" option.
2. Start a jack application linked with libk_jack.
3. Make an object in pd called "k_jackd~ ".
Correct number of inlets and outlets will be made

That should be it. Later, when things get more stable, point 3
can do point 2 automaticly.

use k_jackd~ ?

1. Simple. Only the clientname is used, not the portnames.
2. Easy and powerful interface to control the audioflow.
3. Good performance. Shouldn't be necessary to run as root.

simple_client, freqtweak, ceres.

Crashes pretty often. Does not clean up. Huge risk of not
freeing shared memory in the current implementation: Client
must exit before server, and client must not crash. And
server must not crash.

Send ideas (especially about the k_jackd~ object syntax),
comments (especially about the libaipc API), questions,
code, food, etc. to k.s.matheussen@notam02.no


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