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Date: Sunday, September 22, 2002 - 10:38 pm

Alternative Csound Reference Manual, 4.21-1 edition

September 22, 2002

The Alternative Csound Reference Manual is a reference manual for
the Csound sound synthesis program (http://www.csounds.com/). It has
been brought up-to-date to the latest version of Csound, 4.21.

Added documentation for the following opcodes: a, butbp, butbr,
buthp, butlp, cngoto, convle, else, elseif, endif, ftload, ftloadk,
ftsave, ftsavek, ink, invalue, ktableseg, oscilx, outk, outvalue,
reverb2, subinstr, and sense.


DocBook/SGML, HTML, PDF, or ASCII text versions are available.

On-line edition:

-- Kevin Conder, kevin@kevindumpscore.com

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