[linux-audio-announce] New relase of ZynAddSubFx (1.0.3)

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Date: Monday, December 23, 2002 - 10:39 am

ZynAddSubFX is a opensource software synthesizer for

It is available at :

1.0.3 - small bugfixes: "Bypass Global Filter" from
ADnoteUI dissapears sometimes ;
removed the low amplitude noise produced by the
if you "acconect" zynaddsubfx with aseqview no note
was processed a long time.
- added Notch Filter
- added the option to randomize the ressonance
- added VU-Meter
- Change the Insertion effect modes behaves (it
sounds a bit louder)
- Added to the project an external program
called Spliter that splits the
keyboard and alows you to play two instruments same
time. You can use this
program with ZynAddSubFX or any other synthesizer.
- Added a new function to OscilGen


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