[linux-audio-announce] ANN: swh-plugins v0.3.1

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Date: Monday, December 2, 2002 - 4:11 pm


Includes a fix for a serious problem where two plugins ended up with the
same UID, 0.3.0 users should upgrade.

One new plugin, "chebstortion" a synthetic distortion effect that came out
of the amp modelling discussions. It doesn't really bear any resemblance
to any analogue effect living or dead, but its interesting anyway.

Bugfix to the analogue osc, it now doesn't (shouldn't) distort horribly.

Bugfix to the chorus, it now uses less CPU and its load is constant, so it
will work OK in RT systems.

Now builds on Linux PPC (though still not OSX).

Installs RDF metadata describing the plugins.

Now has freshmeat entry, http://freshmeat.net/projects/swh-plugins/
(someone requested this, sorry, can't remeber who).

- Steve

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