[linux-audio-announce] Meterbridge 0.9.0

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Date: Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 11:48 pm



* Greatly improved the readability of the VU meter
* Made the VU meter conform the the AES analogue equivalent levels. This
should make it more generally useful without adjustment and if you
have properly calibrated DA converters and analogue equipment then
the levels should agree.
* Made the DPM meter look nicer and easier to read.
* Cured a handful of segfaults (thanks to Melanie and Mark K.).
* Reduced the maximum CPU usage of the UI. It should never have caused RT
problems before, but it could have stolen cycles from other UI
threads that needed them more.
* Cleaned up and optimised the port insertion (input monitoring) code, its
still hacky but cleaner and more reliable now.
* Added a "set jack name" option, -n.
* Will now make a meter for every non-flag argument, even if there is no port
matching that name, so, eg. you can create an unconnected 4
channel meter with "meterbridge - - - -".
* More reliable cleanup on exit.

Before it goes to 1.0 I'd like some sort of documentation, and maybe to
improve the input port monitoring situation. So don't hold your breath ;)
If anyone wants to write anything for the docs I would be extremely

I will look at any tricky things, like meter labelling, and antialiased
needles after 1.0.

- Steve

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