[linux-audio-announce] Vstserver/lib 0.1.0, vstladspa 0.1.0, k_vst~ 0.2.2

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Date: Sunday, December 1, 2002 - 6:21 pm

VSTServer V0.1.0. - beta

Third release. Graphics support.


4. Some vst instruments only doesnt seem to react when doing mouse
drag operations, only mouse clicks. And the one that does react to
mouse drag (JX220.dll), uses enourmosly amounts of system cpu-power doing
gui stuff. Strange. I guess there is something special about vst

5. The graphics code to support gui is just hacked together by
looking at the winemine source-code included with the wine distribution. I
have no windows programming experience or documentation about the
windows API, so if someone that have windows programming experience would
have a look at the code and check that its fine/not fine, that
would be, eh, fine. (The code I'm unsure about is
server/win/winwin.c and server/win/main.c, about 200 lines of code.)

0.0.2 -> 0.0.3:
-Added graphics support to the plug-ins. (effEditOpen/effEditClose
dispatch opcodes works.)
-Fixed the makefile a bit.

vst ladspa plugin v0.1.0 - stable
-Added default hints.
-Added gui on off control input port for all plug-ins ("Gui_on_off")
-Put parameter setting stuff in its own thread.
-Added run_adding and set_run_adding_gain functions.

Seems to work fine now.

k_vst~ pd plugin v0.2.2 - stable
Changes from v0.2.1 -> 0.2.2:
-Added opengui and closegui commands.

from http://www.notam02.no/arkiv/src/


This is a picture of PD in Linux running two GRM tools
plugins using the vst k_vst~ object, and the NorthPole
plugin using the ladspa plugin~ object, in realtime. And
much smoother than it would do in windows (of course).



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