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Date: Tuesday, November 5, 2002 - 5:40 am

Advanced Systems Programmer ­ Job Requirements

Muse Research, a startup music and audio products company located in
Menlo Park, is looking for a self-motivated and creative Systems
Programmer. Muse is developing cutting edge software/hardware devices for
musicians and needs your Linux and system administration skills.

Linux Maintenance:
€ Keep customized Linux build up to date and adapt it to hardware
€ Make sure our Linux is optimized for performance and provides the tools
users need
€ Work with hardware driver contractors to install their drivers and
verify their work
€ Work with hardware team to develop shell scripts or find programs to
test hardware functionality

System Administration:
€ Perform light administration on small office LAN
€ Help with software installation and hardware troubleshooting
€ Set up and maintain web based applications ­ a bug database, CVS, etc

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