[linux-audio-announce] Mammut 0.12 and Ceres 0.36

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Date: Monday, November 4, 2002 - 5:47 pm

Mammut will FFT your sound in one single gigantic analysis (no windows).
These spectral data, where the development in time is incorporated in
mysterious ways, may then be transformed by different algorithms prior to
resynthesis. An interesting aspect of Mammut is its completely
non-intuitive sound transformation approach.

New in V0.11 -> V0.12

-The "Number of partials" slider in the Synth transform dialog did
not work and gave a lot of errors. Fixed.
-Neither the Cancel nor OK button in the "Keep the peaks" transform dialog
did work. Fixed.

Ceres is a program for displaying sonograms, sound
effects and editing in the frequency domain, import and export of various
(obscure) non-audio file-formats (csound, matlab, PBM, etc.).

New in Ceres 0.35 -> 0.36

-Removed a bug that caused the gain transform to not work very well.
-Added cut, copy and paste in the edit menu. Works the same as in Ceres3.
-Added general credits to Johnathan F. Lee (Ceres2) and Stanko Juzbasic
(Ceres3) in the about dialog. Some spesific credits are only
mentioned in the source.
-Added sndlib.a and sndlib.h to the distribution. Static oss/linux compiled.
(sndlib.a seems to be a bit troublesome to compile up sometimes.)
-Added note about a common problem regarding pygtk in the INSTALL file
that usually makes ceres crash.


Get it here:

Mammut and Ceres are developed at Notam/Oslo, http://www.notam02.no


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