[linux-audio-announce] Gnome-Chord 0.7.0

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Date: Monday, October 7, 2002 - 10:55 pm


gnome-chord 0.7.0


A stand alone guitar chord and scale database and bonobo component
providing chord/scale renderering and selection.


* A new tree based UI for Gnome-chord.
* You can now select multiple chords.
* A renderer for Gnome-Scale (you can now see the scales on the guitar
neck :).
* You can now search for chords that will compliment a given scale via
the Tree Creator Dialog
* Preferences are stored useing GConf (if you wish to edit them you
will need gconf-editor as we don't have our own preferences dialog yet).
(Nb setting the handedness dosen't do any thing in this relase).





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