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Date: Friday, October 4, 2002 - 3:52 pm

The Rosegarden development team would like to announce the release of
Rosegarden-4-0.8(*) for immediate download. Please go to the project
homepage for further details:


We'll be demoing Rosegarden at the Linux Expo in Olympia, London, UK,
9th-10th October 2002. Come and see us there.

Major features of this release include:

- Improved Notation Printing (draft quality)
- realtime LADSPA plugin support (chainable plugins for each Instrument)
- Note entry using the PC keyboard in notation view
- Major Matrix view improvements (zooming, snapgrid size, quantizing)
- Major Performance improvements in sequencer
- "Stuck notes" problem fixed
- Matrix velocity setting dialog
- Segment positioning guides
- Turn repeating Segments to real copies
- Matrix view auto scrolling
- Rudimentary lyric editor
- Chorus, Reverb, Resonance, Filter, Attack, Release MIDI controls
- Specialised Rotary Control widget
- Repeating Segments work to end of Composition marker
- Composition Start and End Markers can be changed
- Splitting Segments fixed
- Audio volume faders
- EventList editor extended
- Better Audio Waveform Previews
- SysEx, Program Changes, Controller Changes, PitchBend all supported
and editeable at Composition level
- Toolbars & Settings saving fixed
- Some new useful keyboard shortcuts
- Optional Transport toolbars
- More preference settings
- A couple of new note transformation functions
- Some fixes to progress reporting
- More help text for Notation

* - We've adopted a new numbering scheme for tarballs and packages that
will hopefully make things less confusing in the long term. We've
also jumped several release numbers for this release in an effort
to make things more confusing in the short term.
This release is Version 4, Release 0.8 : rosegarden-4-0.8.tar.gz
Last release was Version 4, Release 0.2 : rosegarden-0.2.tar.gz

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