[linux-audio-announce] SSM 0.1.1 & noize farm

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Date: Saturday, October 19, 2002 - 12:47 am

Hello all,

I'm releasing a bit of an old version of SpiralSynth Modular, while work
continues on the 0.2.0 version on sourceforge.
It's got some rather nice features, and I should have released it months
ago - but it had a crash bug I only found yesterday...


Main app changes:

Back to one window GUI with seperate movable areas
Fixed Plugin window events/drawing bug
Echo/Delay crash bug fix
Less C code in SpiralSynthModular.C (Andy Preston)
Ability to load ssm files from command line (Dan Bethell)
gcc3.1 fixes + dynamic linking bugfix (Takashi Iwai)
configure + make fixes (Takashi Iwai)

Plugin changes:

LFOPlugin (Andy Preston)
MeterPlugin (Andy Preston)
StereoMixerPlugin fix (Andy Preston)
Scaling fix and name sorting for the LADSPAPlugin (Mike Rawes)
Sequencer bugfix for dragging note events
Matrix now 64X24 + tweaked GUI
Matrix can be controlled by an external clock pulse
Matrix copy/paste and transpose functionality (Andy Preston)
JackPlugin fixed for recent versions of jack (Takashi Iwai)


and if you want the cutting edge it's here:

: noize farm

I'd also like to announce the noize farm, an open collection of ssm patches
that are shared in the spirit of the GPL:


Feel free to download, hack, modify, upload and generally have fun with
anything you find there. It's currently hosted at yahoo, which means you
have to sign up with them to get access to the files - but we think it's
worth the hassle for now.

I don't see it as being restricted to just ssm patches either, if you
like the idea then you can share anything (linux) audio related - as
long as the files are small, and open for all to play with.

All the best,


: www.pawfal.org :

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